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New Feature: Contact & Survey in OutreachCircle

by | Apr 7

In PDI’s OutreachCircle platform, our new Contact & Survey feature gives you the option to meet your community where they are, using both relational and list-based contact flows. Whether you have an assigned list, or you’re curating your own network of contacts, you can quickly connect with your community via texting, calling, email, or in-person canvassing actions. This flexible action has a number of powerful use cases, from voter registration to chasing hot leads and more.


What is it?

There are two types of Contact & Survey actions. You can create a relational Contact & Survey action (Contact & Survey Friends), or create a Contact & Survey action based on a pre-existing list of contacts (Contact & Survey a List). Every Contact & Survey action includes a survey and a sample script for your supporters to use. Supporters choose how they want to reach out to each contact, so whether they’d rather knock on doors, make phone calls, or send texts or emails, everyone can participate in the way that works best for them.


How does it work?

First, decide whether you want to create a Contact & Survey Friends action or a Contact & Survey a List action. Upload a voter file or contact list if necessary. Then build your survey, choose your contact methods, and create a sample script for each contact method. If you’re creating a Contact & Survey a List action, assign the action to specific supporters. Then you’re ready to activate.


Why does it matter?

Campaigns and large organizations struggle to turn out hard-to-reach communities and establish long term networks of support. With the Contact & Survey feature, we can register more voters, boost turnout, and develop lasting infrastructure that will help us win for years to come.


Check out our relational resource hub for more info on why relational matters, and get started today.