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Best Practices: Contact & Survey for Labor

by | Apr 7

Using the new Contact & Survey feature in OutreachCircle, labor unions and other member-based organizations can tap into specific segments of their memberships and drive action, whether it’s through traditional cold contact methods or relational outreach. We’ve assembled some best practices for making the most of this new functionality if you’re working to connect with your members:

  • Use the Contact & Survey a List action if you want to assign specific supporters (such as members or organizers) to take an action of some kind. This is especially effective for staying in touch with members, sharing updates, and collecting their feedback.
  • Create clear goals for relational actions. When using Contact & Survey Friends for relational actions, be clear about the goal of the action (recruitment, fundraising, etc.) so your supporters know who to reach out to. You can make these goals explicit in your action title, description, and scripts. Relational actions are more successful when they have clear objectives and goals.
  • Enable multiple contact methods for maximum impact. Give your supporters the flexibility to choose how they’d like to contact their lists. When there’s only one contact method available, some of your supporters may not be able to participate. By enabling multiple options, you make participation easier and more accessible for all of your supporters. Additionally, if contact information is incomplete for a contact (for example, if they have a phone number listed but no email), your supporters will still be able to reach out.
  • Turn members into supporters. When contacting members who aren’t existing OutreachCircle supporters, include a survey question asking if they’d like to receive information on how to become a supporter on OutreachCircle. Becoming a supporter makes it easier for your members to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your organization, learn about changing laws and regulations, and connect with other members.


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