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Building a Statewide Relational Network with the Texas Democratic Party

by | Apr 6

In Texas and across the country, the Republican Party is aggressive and increasingly flagrant in its attempts to suppress the vote. To combat this we must be equally aggressive in our work to make voting easy and accessible, to disseminate accurate voting information through trusted channels, and to invest like never before in reaching and registering new voters from every corner.

That’s why we’re announcing a partnership with the Texas Democratic Party to build a groundbreaking statewide relational infrastructure, Connect Texas.

Connect Texas uses a custom app, powered by PDI, to make it easy for volunteers to do relational outreach, and uses the relational data to build a statewide relational network. This is an unprecedented investment by the Texas Democratic Party in relational data infrastructure to bolster voter turnout for the 2022 midterms and map relational data for future shared use statewide, up and down the ballot. 

“Texans know Texans best. The future of democracy depends on our ability to mobilize our base this election cycle. This partnership with PDI will ensure that we continue to expand our outreach to voters and bolster turnout in November.” said John Elson, CTO of the Texas Democratic Party. “Innovation is key to addressing constant shifts in our political landscape, this tool will help our party be even more strategic in the way we connect with voters.”

It’s been repeatedly shown that conversations about voting between trusted friends and family are more effective at getting voters to the polls than conversations that happen between strangers. We know that relational works – and that by investing in relational we can build lasting networks through which to communicate with, register, and mobilize Democrats. We’re  excited to be partnering with Texas to invest in long-term relational infrastructure that can serve as a model for progressives nationwide.

If you’re running a campaign or a county party in Texas, get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get started on the app at a free or reduced rate.

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