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Spotlight on Ashling Fielding, Director of Business Development at CallTime.AI

by | Jan 9

PDI recently welcomed Ashling Fielding to our CallTime.AI team as Director of Business Development. Ashling has fundraised for a wide variety of causes, including electoral campaigns, the Sierra Club, and the Democratic National Committee. We are excited to be working with her to help campaigns make their most effective decisions.headshot image of Ashling Fielding

Ashling assists CallTime.AI clients in identifying and implementing the best ways to make the most out of their call time, whether they’re running a local or national campaign. She sees call time as an opportunity for outreach as well as fundraising, when candidates can focus on their constituents’ needs.

“It’s an opportunity to make stronger connections and it’s an opportunity to talk to the people who already care about your campaign.”

CallTime.AI blends the latest political tech with a platform designed to streamline and support campaigns in their fundraising efforts. In 2023, Ashling and the CallTime.AI team are working on making key additions to the platform that will make it even easier for campaigns to prioritize having meaningful conversations with voters.

“We are really excited about integrations, and that’s going to make our software the most dynamic fundraising software that’s out there and give candidates back useful and usable time for them to talk to their constituents.”

Ashling brings extensive first-hand experience with campaigns and fundraising to our team, and we are so glad to have her insight as we move forward into the new year.

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