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Use the power of your relationships to drive action among the people you already know. Instead of relying on stranger-to-stranger volunteer outreach, leverage people’s existing connections to recruit volunteers, build for events, collect IDs, mobilize voters during GOTV, and more.

Use PDI for your relational outreach

Friend-to-friend outreach is the most effective form of voter contact – more than cold door-knocking, phonebanking, or texting. Why? It’s simple: People are more likely to listen to their trusted friends and family than strangers.

PDI’s relational outreach tool makes it easier for volunteers to connect with the people they know, while helping campaigns and statewide organizations track, manage, and activate hard-to-reach voters.

How is relational different?

Relational outreach leverages existing relationships to drive action. But in everyday terms, it’s just common sense.

It's meaningful

We care about the things that matter to the people closest to us.

It's cost-effective

The cost per conversation is lower than traditional cold outreach, so you can do more with less.

It's proven

We’re more likely to answer a call from a number we know than an unknown number.

It's lasting

Relationships don’t end on Election Day. Investing in relational means investing in long-term organizing infrastructure.

Trusted Partner in Relational Organizing

“Texans know Texans best. And when Texas turns blue, it will be Texans that did it. That’s why we’re investing in relational infrastructure to get out the vote in the upcoming midterms, and build a robust relational network for cycles to come.”

John Elson
CTO of the Texas Democratic Party

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