We do things differently. Why? Because we’ve seen a few things. Since 1987 we’ve worked with thousands of campaigns and organizations, and we know that to win, you need a tech partner with the in-house expertise to deliver products you can depend on.

You Need A Tech Partner

The political tech landscape is constantly changing. You need a partner who is constantly improving and responding to the needs of the civic tech space. We grew from a two-person initiative based out of a trailer on the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank to a company trusted by thousands of candidates by doing just that.

We Know Voter Data

Nothing beats decades of expertise in voter data. We have the in-house data experts to help you dig deep to understand who and where your voters are, and the software tools to help you make smart, data-driven decisions.

We’re Obsessed with Customer Service

Trust is earned. Thousands of progressive candidates and organizations trust PDI because we are obsessive with customer service. That’s the difference when you’re working with a mission-aligned civic tech partner.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team so we can discuss your strategic goals and get you set up on our best-in-class platform.


Trusted by 25,000+
Campaigns and Organizations

We only succeed when our customers do.
Thousands of progressive candidates and groups
rely on PDI to make data-driven decisions.

Goodwin Simon

I am very loyal to PDI. It has earned my trust and my business because I can count on it to get me the sample I need when I need it, and to charge me a fair price. I think of them as friends as well as vendors, and that is no small thing in politics.

Paul Goodwin, Goodwin Simon
Strategic Research
Anthony Fazio, Winning Directions Inc.

Political Data has always been able to deliver whenever I have called and needed them. Best in the business of providing data and strategy advice.

Anthony Fazio
Winning Directions Inc.